Thursday, November 23, 2006

Musings from an Erstwhile Elder

With the Session resignation, etc this past week, I've been thinking about where I've been and where I'm going... I was bopping around Rhapsody today and found a song that I just might put to powerpoint slides... It's called New Song, and I think it fits...

I've been grazing in the lush green pastures,
Watching time pass me by,
And I've been wading in the shallow waters,
Where everything is all right
But today I know that something's different,
Something's disturbing my peace,
Oh, I can feel the changes in the distance,
And hear them calling to me-

The day is here, the time has come
To sing a new song,
It's very clear, I must move on,
And sing a new song,
It will define who I become,
This new song,
So show me how to sing along
To this new song-

...There's more, but that's the idea :)

So anyway, here's to the new song (as we travel along the road)... How many metaphors can I combine?!


The Portal said...

I too am glad to be on the new leg of the journey, and looking forward to your posts along the way!

amg said...

Good words....great picture. I'm ready!