Sunday, December 31, 2006

Exilic Thoughts on New Years Eve

I recently read Michael Frost's Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture. Exiles! That word definitely fits for people of The Portal. (Hmm... 'People of The Portal' sounds like the title of a science fiction movie. I'm picturing aliens emerging from a space ship door.) In any event, here's a quote from the book:

"Exiles will not sit in churches passively and put up with the phoniness, but neither will they simplistically take their bat and ball and go home. Too many people, alienated and angered by the contemporary church, have just left, contributing to the decline of the Western church. Exiles might well leave (or be thrust out), but if they do so, it will be to forge a new way, to fashion communities of honesty, openness, hospitality, and genuine love."

So as we face 2007, here's to the "new way" we are forging! It will be interesting/exciting/fun (pick one of those adjectives or fill in your own) to see where the year takes us.

(The artwork is "Stranger in a Strange Land"; source:

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Barb, you are BRILLIANT! Oh wait, I'm not supposed to comment on my own blog. Sigh.