Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hillary weighs in too...

From the Associated Press:
November 04, 2008
Hillary Clinton Casts Vote for Obama

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has cast her vote for Barack Obama, saying that voters understand that the nation needs "a serious president for serious times."

Clinton voted Tuesday with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in their hometown of Chappaqua in New York's Westchester County.

The senator was asked if she felt sorry that her name was not on the ballot. She replied: "The personal honor and privilege I had of being a candidate and coming so close is something I'll always be proud of."

Sen. Clinton said she hopes "to be part of what I hope will be a great next couple of years for America."

She added: "I feel very good about what's going to happen today."


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

She played a large role in making all this possible.

Jiff said...


David said...

A few thoughts on Hillary:

1. Obama got major help from Hillary in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, particularly in terms of female votes. Obama was in danger of losing a lot of female votes because of disenfranchised Hillary supporters, but most all of them wound up supporting Barack. Why? Because she campaigned for him; more than she had to. She was a trooper campaigning for him towards the end in battleground states, and she didn't have to do that. Obama definitely owes her quite a bit in terms of helping getting him elected. She's held her chin up pretty well considering the bitterness of the nomination campaign.

2. I think Obama has an obligation to include women in his cabinet and for potential supreme court nominations. Part of "bringing the country together" means he needs to be inclusive of not just the opposing party but of women. As great as this is for the African American community, women came close to a catharsis as well.

3. The previous 2 points being said, I am glad that Obama won, because I think he is the candidate of my generation, more than Hillary could have been. While they both had basically the same policies, Obama has become the ideal leader for young people across the nation. He excited people on this campus enough to parade through campus and through downtown Bellingham lighting off fireworks. I understand that this is a frustrating point in time for women, because they have traditionally taken a back seat to African Americans in terms of equality. I do think a women should be President, and I wish there were more female governors and senators that could be vying for the nomination in upcoming elections. But I do think Barack is the leader we need right now, and that he is the voice of a new generation.

Just my opinion though...

Barbara B. said...

David, Thank you for your great comments! You raise good points, and I will probably do a future post on this subject... stay tuned :)

Diane said...

Hillary was/is very classy.