Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's official!

His name is Soots! We all deliberated a l-o-n-g time and considered many, many names. But seeing as this name had popped into a dream of Christina's AND the kitty's nose & paws look like he got into some soot made it destiny. :)

He was incredibly good on the 3 1/2 hour ride home last night, then settled right into bed.

We have been playing and exploring the house today.

Christina and David did an excellent job of finding this kitty at the shelter!


Purple said...

Dear Soots,

You have some of the best humans will love your new home.

A fellow cat,

Barbara B. said...

Dear OZ,

Thank you! (We should be blog pals.)


Purple said...

Dear Soots,

Since our human "moms" are blog pals maybe that makes us meow-pals as well.

pawprints to you

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Congrats on getting a new kitty. I love his face.

Rev SS said...

Hey Soots .. next to our mom, you have the best mom in the world. We wanna be blog pals too, 'k? (And tell your mom our mom really wants to meet soon)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Soots,

You are lucky and will be happier than anything in your new home.

I send you extra kitty treats,

Lucy the only cat.

Songbird said...

Welcome, Soots!

オテモヤン said...
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Christina said...

Soooooooots!!! We miss your little kitten face and can't wait to see it over spring break!

Christina and Tumnus

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

he does look like he's sizing things up!