Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Update!

OK, this post really has nothing to do with Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, although I'm sure it would be more entertaining if Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin delivered it. (Or, to be more current, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers.)

In any event, here's the update for my weekend:
Friday morning I took my mom to OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) in Portland -- about 50 miles away -- for a doctor's appointment. The visit went well, and I think we're on the right track with her medical treatment. (Yesss!) On our way out, we stopped at the rest room. Of course that wouldn't normally be a "bloggable" topic, but the sign in the stall was just too weird not to share. It said: "Toilets flush using reclaimed water. Do not drink." Umm.... Do they really need to warn people not to drink toilet water? When was the last time anybody was tempted to refill their water bottle from the stool? (I mean, ewww.)

After that, we headed the opposite direction up to Bellingham (about 220 miles away) so Offspring #2 could participate in the "Summerstart" orientation program for incoming college freshmen. Then on Saturday night, we all went to see Offspring #1 in Twelfth Night (which was the first time Hubby and Offspring #2 had seen it).

They loved the play. It was a hilarious, high energy performance. Offspring #1 was terrific (which was particularly impressive since she had seen a doctor earlier in the day to rule out strep throat)! Adding to the fun was the fact that there were several people in the audience we knew -- some we were expecting to see and some we weren't.

One of those audience members took the time to do an oil painting of Viola (Offspring #1) & her brother Sebastian and frame it!
(OK, so she really took a blurry picture which was converted to a 'painting' by photoshop -- but I like my story better.)

And now ... we're back home again.


marie said...

VERY glad your mom's appt. went well......she deserves good news!
Sounds like that audience member is a durn fine person. (although somewhat inadequate as a photographer) :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

drinking toilet water???? hmmmm... even my dog knows better. Sounds like a great weekend - hope this week is off to a wonderful beginning for you!

And an optometry FYI - I have silicone hydrogel contact lenses them - love them - did I mention LOVE them?

Serena said...

yep ... dogs know better than to drink toilet water ... hopefully people do too ... but if they didn't post that sign, no reason to think somebody wouldn't claim neglect and sue ... I'm just sayin'

mompriest said...

Grateful all went well with the Dr appt. and that is just waaay too weird, the sign in the bathroom about the water, ewww in deed. (ok, if dogs went in I could understand, 'cuz not ALL dogs know about THAT water....but humans...we do, don't we??)...

Diane said...

yes, prayers for your mom, and joy re: your great trip..
loved the portrait. a real gift

Barbara B. said...

HC, how do you feel about your new contact lenses? :)