Saturday, September 1, 2007

etymologically speaking...

We arrived home from Tennessee (great trip all in all!) and have been doing the usual post-vacation laundry, put-away, etc. I'm not quite up to my usual blogging speed yet. Sigh. I will never be a blogebrity if I just do this microblogging. But, alas, I must turn my attention back to the floordrobe and carbage.

Are those some nifty new words or what?! Here are the definitions as found at word spy, a site that sleuths new words and phrases which have appeared in recent newspapers, magazines, etc. (Check out the other cool words there!)

blogebrity: n. A famous or popular blogger. [Blend of blog and celebrity.]

microblogging: pp. Posting short thoughts and ideas to a personal blog.

floodrobe: n. A pile of discarded clothes on the floor of a person's room. [Blend of floor and wardrobe.]

carbage: n. The garbage that accumulates in some cars, particularly in the back seat. [Blend of car and garbage.]


marie said...

What a surprise!!!...I'm a "Potterhead"!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I thank you for the wordspy link! Rockage it does (whether or NOT that's a word).

And I have carbage. Serious carbage. Because of an 8-1/2 year old boy who adores legos more than moi.

More Dollywood pics please. And happy you got home safe, sound and vacationed.

Jan said...

Thank you for the word "carbage" --such a descriptive word for our vehicles! After the soccer weekend, daughter MJ and I have a lot of carbage, including grass from the soccer fields, around in the car and trunk.

Diane said...

I love those words!!! and sadly, a couple of them apply to me (not the first one...)