Sunday, October 14, 2007

better late than never.... "four things"

I was tagged by by PS some time ago for "Four Things". At long last, here are my answers!

Four jobs I've held:
After graduating from college then optometry school, I've only had one job -- optometrist! So I'll list my college summer jobs to round out the list of four:
* Directory Assistance Operator -- wow, that job really dates me since it has been obsolete for years! After saying "Directory. What city?", we'd look up the phone numbers in big honkin' phone books.
* State of Montana Water Quality Lab technician -- I don't miss how the sulfuric acid ate holes through my jeans. It taught me to major in biology instead of chemistry.
* State of Montana "Hydrologic Engineer" -- This was a DREAM summer job. A co-worker and I got to travel around the Bozeman, MT area (in a state vehicle) measuring and calculating the water flow in streams and irrigation ditches. This meant wading in cool streams on warm summer days with our equipment and enjoying some incredibly beautiful 'off the beaten path' Montana scenery.

Four films I could watch over and over:
* The Trip to Bountiful
* A River Runs Through It
* The Philadelphia Story (1940)
* Field of Dreams

Four places I've lived:
* Germany (for the first 6 weeks of my life -- ah, vivid memories; good times!)
* a small town in North Dakota
* Helena, Montana
* Loveland, Colorado

Four favorite foods:
* Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
* Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
* Knepfla (German dish)
* Grilled Trout

Four websites I visit every day:
* USA Today (it's my homepage)
* Google (to look things up)
* Revgal blogs (this should count for more than one)

Four favorite colors:
* royal blue
* golden yellow
* sky blue
* buttercup yellow
(yeah, I sorta like blue and yellow)

Four places I would love to be right now: (Can I take family?)
* Austria/Germany
* The Big Apple: New York City (specifically Broadway Theatre District)
* The Mini Apple: Minneapolis (with side trip to the Dakotas)
* Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

Four names I love but would/could not use for my children:
Dang, I can only think of two:
* Chauncy
* Snagglepuss

So there you go! I won't tag anybody else since I think this has made the rounds... But consider yourself tagged if you would like to do it!


Diane said...

LOL over your "memories" of Germany. We'd love to have you in the little apple as well...

Jan said...

Diane, fun to read. I laughed over your names, too--love Snagglepuss!

Jan said...

Uh, Barbara, sorry, about the name used--as I told Katherine earlier, I have a middle-aged memory, which may be bordering on OLD!

mompriest said...

I miss the Directory Assistance you, and others, offered: "Directory, how may I help you?". I so prefer it to the computer voice that says, "City and State, please"....ok, so I date myself too....

Barbara B. said...

Diane, next time I get out that way, I'm stopping in!
Jan, no problem on the name. :)
Mompriest, glad you are dating yourself too. :)

"PS" said...

What is the German dish? Sounds interesting. At one time in my life, I lived within driving distance to Loveland...great place.

RevDrKate said...

Snagglepuss???? The child, I am sure, who did not get this name, thanks you! LOL. If you go to the little apple, stop in on the way!

Barbara B. said...

PS: Knepfla is a dough which is scissors-cut into small triangles, then boiled and saute browned -- It is used in soup or served with sauerkraut. Where near Loveland did you live??

revdrkate: If I head out that way I'll stop by your place too! :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ya, das is gut und funny wid Germany!!

Yay for Field of Dreams.

And are you only gonna be travelin' east? We got Disneyland, Universal Studios and where Arnold bought his Hummer down here in So. Calif. Just in case you need vacation ideers!

Barbara B. said...

PG, Next time I head south, I'll bug ya!

Songbird said...

Oh, Snagglepuss! Delightful!