Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Wow, things have been hectic lately!

* Last weekend I left a huge carbon footprint traveling hither and yon. I won't bore Bloggerville with all the details, but part of the travels involved attending a wedding in which Offspring #1 was a bridesmaid. Offspring #1 caught the bouquet... Does that mean something? I think it means the bride has good aim (even though her eyes were closed). :)

* I spent ALL Monday evening playing 'computer fix-it person' with our desktop computer which had become intolerably glitchy. Woo hoo -- it seems to be behaving again so we don't have to call Will the computer guy to come over to the tune of $100 an hour.

* Work has been craaaazy busy this week. And today somebody was really cranky about our magazine selection in the waiting room. Hmm...

* Tomorrow Hubby and I head to Portland for continuing education. Lots of classes through the weekend. My rear end is sore just thinking about it.

* I was tagged for a meme by PS and STILL haven't done that... Will anybody care by the time I get to it? (Don't answer that.)

* I'm sure it's just because I'm tired at the moment, but I find this picture (and website in general) riotously funny:


Diane said...

I think it's funny too! wow you sound busy. we miss you. Take care of yourself.

And I'll be waiting for your meme...(you give such good answers)

marie said...

All the more reason to enjoy tasty dinners, a comfy hotel room and maybe a trip to the classy lounge. (bet they have a fine selection of German beers) You deserve it. :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks for the link. The laugh was refreshing!

Quite frankly I don't believe I want to know what kind of continuing education you and your husband must take that will make your butt sore. ;)

(naughty PG, naughty naughty!!)

Jan said...

Thanks for the funny picture! And I'll look for your meme.

Diane said...

by the way, the website is also hilarious

mompriest said...

Yes, it is a funny picture...and, I too have been way crazy busy. I can manage to post on my blog, but I've missed reading and keeping up with others. Hope the cont. ed is really good.

Barbara B. said...

Thanks for checking in, everybody! (and LOL, PG!)