Sunday, March 16, 2008


What I could have been doing this morning:
(a) Attending Palm Sunday services
(b) Doing "housework"
(c) Doing clinic work (charting, etc) at home
(d) Getting ready for NYC trip

What I did do this morning:
(a) Made Offspring #2's birthday video (To view, click here)


dust bunny said...

A mighty fine video for a mighty fine birthday boy.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Was that an old Cowsills song on the video?

What a great gift for a fine kid!

Barbara B. said...

PG, Actually the song was by The Association (titled "Time for Livin'").

(I did have some Cowsills albums when I was growing up though!)

Jan said...

Pretty cool! Thanks for stopping by to "see" me so late in the day. We'll both need to find green later in the morning.

Rev SS said...

no surprise that that's the choice you made -:)

Diane said...

I guess I have to view this from home:(

more cows than people said...

wow. you are a darn cool mom.

and that looks like it was a great birthday

Counselor in Process said...

You are cool and what a fine family. Is that the girlfriend or your daughter? Did you bake the cake too , or 'just' make the video?