Sunday, April 26, 2009

as promised -- the postcard post!

A couple of months ago, Hubby and I went hiking by the Sandy River near Gresham, Oregon, and we stopped in that town on our way home. We decided to pop into an antique store just for the heck of it and I started looking through their old postcards. I ended up buying a couple that reminded me of my childhood (one was of the Badlands in South Dakota and the other one was of a Dayton's department store).

Thus began a new hobby (albeit a very low-key one because at present I only have 8 cards). I love old pictures so it's a natural for me. And the cool bonus is that this hobby is not only affordable but takes up almost no space!

Anywhoo, there are obviously a bazillion postcards out there so I decided to focus on two areas of interest: (1.) the geographic region of the Dakotas, Minnesota and Montana (because of connections growing up) and (2.) roads from anywhere (because I like 'em as you may have gathered from the title of the blog). Also, I'm mostly interested in the time frame from around 1910 to the 1960's and I especially like it if there is writing on the back.

So... after that intro, here's my first "road" postcard (from Massachusetts, 1956).

And you've got to see the back!

Hilda cracks me up. "Weather wonderful - roads in good condition - food good -car operating ok. Scenery beautiful - beds soft. Did I cover everything?"

I also like the quote on the bottom:
"Take a highroad that leads to a beckoning future --
Tho it leads through the Autumn of life ..." --Farnsworth

How perfect is that?!


dust bunny said...

Most excellent new low-key hobby. :)

mompriest said...

I like this hobby....and that quote!

Diane said...

I think Hilda is a brilliant postcard writer. It's a gift, you know. (kind of like Haiku.)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ditto what Diane said!

Fun hobby.

Rev SS said...

I'm agreeing with Diane & PG. Very cool!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

way cool... perhaps someday GP or you and PG will have your own set of postcards published... heh heh...

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