Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Five: Life is a Verb

Jan writes:
The author of Life is a Verb, Patti Digh worked her book around these topics concerning life as a verb: Say yes. Be generous. Speak up. Love more. Trust yourself. Slow down. As I read and pondered about living more intentionally, I also have wondered what this Friday Five should be. This book has been the jumping off point for this Friday.

1. What awakens you to the present moment?
In the morning, that would be the insistent 'get up and do something for me' meow of Marble. At work (optometrist in a busy clinic) it is my patients and whatever problems or concerns they have. When I am outside, it is the sights and sounds of nature.

2. What are 5 things you see out your window right now?
My little garden (wet from the recent rain); the fence which separates my backyard and the golf course; two people getting out of two golf carts (they couldn't have shared?!) and getting ready to tee off; the leaves of the trees moving gently in the wind; green grass which is getting a little shaggy.

3. Which verbs describe your experience of God?
Hmm.... This is a tough one because I often have issues with what I perceive to be the silence and distance of God. Since I 'experience' God best in nature I'm going to use the verbs hiking, biking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and skiing!

(picture taken at Lewis River Falls)

4. From the book on p. 197:
Who were you when you were 13? Where did that kid go?

I was in junior high school in a small town in North Dakota. I was a bright student, loved getting together with friends, spending time outdoors, etc. I had an inquisitive nature and a playful spirit.
Although the playful spirit has taken a couple of hits due to certain life events, I think that kid is still mostly there!

5. From the book on p. 88:
If your work were the answer to a question, what would the question be?

I'm seeing flashes and new floaters in my vision -- Who should check this out?!


Songbird said...

Oh, you seem to still express that playful spirit, here at least!

mompriest said...

definitely still playful! Life's tragedies have a way of growing us, though, and at least for me, deepening compassion. Love the photos.

Jennifer said...

I would certainly want you to check my floaters!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh i really dislike flashers & floaters... usually means i need to lay off the java and eat some solid food...

maybe that's why 2 people, 2 carts... one's a flasher! *snicker*

Jan said...

Hope I'll someday meet you in WA. Is Bellingham out since your daughter graduated? Floaters would be both irritating and little scary (to me).

Barbara B. said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody :)

Jan, Bellingham could still be on! My daughter is returning to WWU for post-bac work and my son will be a junior this year. (Plus they are both doing summer quarter!)

Rev SS said...

Yep, the kid is definitely still there!

Barbara B. said...

RevSS, :)

Jane said...

Really love your verbs - wish I had half such an active experience of God.