Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Five: Moving and Changing

Sally writes about the theme of change, and in particular changing location. Here are this week's questions:

1. A big move is looming, name one thing that you could not possibly part with, it must be packed ?
Old family things (pictures, scrapbooks, momentos). Other things can be replaced.

Here's a picture of my mom and me just after we got off the covered wagon when we settled in the Dakotas:

OK, actually it's from the "Diamond Jubilee" celebration of Ashley, ND in 1963.

2. Name one thing that you would gladly leave behind...
Our aquarium. It's been sitting empty (drained, in fact) since the big orange fish transferred to the Eternal Waters of the Great Beyond. We've had it a long time and I'm tired of it!

3. How do you prepare for a move...

a. practically?
Get organized. Then enlist the help of others and delegate!

b. spiritually/ emotionally?
Before saying "hello" to the new place, create opportunities and take time to say "goodbye" to people, places, and things that have been important in the old place.

4. What is the first thing you look for in a new place?
Hmm... I don't know! A good grocery store? I might possibly be thinking that way because I'm hungry and need to get breakfast.

5. Do you settle in easily, or does it take time for you to find your feet in a new location?
The settling in and getting acquainted with the community part is easy, but the people connections definitely take longer.

Bonus: A new opportunity has come up for you to spend 5 years in a new area, where would you go and why?
I would brush up on my German and head for a small village in Austria -- for the beauty and slower pace of life. (This is assuming I can take my family, because otherwise 5 years is too long!)

(picture from here)


Jan said...

That's a wonderful picture of you and your mother. My mom made me a similar outfit for a Halloween costume when I was in 4th grade.

Presbyterian Gal said...

....the hills are alive......with the sounds of Barbara........

Moving. Egad. If anyone wants to know how to pack and move in one day, just let me know.

Purple said...

The picture reminds me of celebrating our home town centennial...similar dresses and my dad grew a long beard complete with Abe Lincoln hat.

Side note: If I was moving to your area...a certain optometrist would be first on my list

mompriest said...

Love the photo of you and your mom!....and Austria would be wonderful - but I totally agree with the family part - that's a must!

dust bunny said...

I would be very sad if you moved away. :(