Wednesday, November 7, 2007

10 random things

I was tagged by Mags for 10 random things. So here goes!

1. My favorite way to exercise is to ride my bike, because it allows me to sit on my keester while doing so.

2. In high school, I was able to walk on my hands. I haven't attempted this in a l-o-n-g time.

3. My first car was a buttercup yellow '67 Camaro, which I sold when we moved from Colorado to Washington.

4. I love using the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope to check for retinal holes and tears, but since it is worn on the head it makes me have bad hair days.

5. I am currently reading Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes. It's pretty darn good.

6. I believe creamed peas should be illegal. I cannot emphasize this enough.

7. I am sorry that Stephen Colbert dropped out of the presidential race. He had a good shot at my vote.

8. I skiied Big Sky Resort Montana the first month it was open (Dec '73) with some high school friends. We wore jeans instead of ski pants and got very, very cold. I drove the yellow Camaro to get there.

9. I have never taken Amtrak but think it would be fun to go on a train trip.

10. Unfortunately my last experience with church can be summed up this way. But I'm open to possibility.

I'm not sure who has been tagged... But how 'bout Presbyterian Gal, mompriest, Jiff, and HotCup ??


Jiff said...

Oh, ok!
I'll play at my place.

"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

Amtrak is on my to do list also. Sorry about the church experience but glad to read you are still open to possibilities.

Jan said...

This is so much fun to read, and your little experience of church told a lot in a few words and seconds. I agree about creamed peas, and I love the image of you in a '67 buttercup yellow Camaro!!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

rats! i can't see the video - any video for that matter on dialup... you know the hamster can only run so fast...

but anyhoo creamed peas are evil. and i don't use that word lightly. not even little pearl onions can redeem them.

i'll play too!

David said...

Colbert '08!

I didn't know you could walk on your hands, that's pretty cool, I don't think I should try it... Maybe you should though ;)

And my thoughts on church probably wouldn't fit in this comment!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Great scientists always have funky hair! Look at Al Einstein.

I've never taken the train either. Let's get a group together and go up and down the coast!

I'll go do mine now. Take a break from The Olivetti. Though I'll probably finish that this weekend.

marie said...

Yep....we've been hosed.

Diane said...

canned cream peas? has to be.

I've never taken the train either. wow.

this was a grade a number one list. it sure is getting around!

Rodger said...

Barb, my '69 Camaro (named Agnes!) was "sea mist green" and since it was a convertible, I've never quite gotten over the nostalgia of her! I didn't know they made one in buttercup yellow! (Or was that, like mine, an "aftermarket" paint job!)

Great taste in vintage cars though!


Magdalene6127 said...

Barbara, LOVE this. Especially the buttercup yellow Camaro (I'm kind of longing for it, actually) and the retinal whatchamajiggy that gives you bad hair days. Well-played!


Barbara B. said...

thanks for all the cool comments! especially the support on the creamed peas :)

(and rodger, the buttercup yellow paint was indeed straight from the factory)

mompriest said...

Oh, I so needed a good laugh - "We got hosed Tommy...." I may steal this YouTube for another commentary on our Bishop election...hee hee...

ok. so I'll play. Probably tomorrow since I have just enough brain cells active to read blogs, but not enough to say much...

Oh. and Amtrak is great. Just expect long delays when you least expect them (so, bring extra supplies of beverages, food, and comfortable sleeping aids...)