Thursday, January 10, 2008

jumpin' in the roadster

That's me -- about to dash off in my spiffy roadster to attend the Glaucoma Symposium in Woodinville, Washington. Notice how Mompriest and Hot Cup are wishing me well. Presbyterian Gal (far right) is asking if she can come along. It's not that she's interested in the continuing education classes, she just wants a ride in the convertible.

Anywhoo, I'm looking forward to the symposium -- I'm familiar with the speakers and they are top notch.

While I am motoring up to Woodinville (with the breeze gently ruffling my hair), feel free to read this article. Mompriest brought it to my attention. It's a New York Times Op-Ed piece by Gloria Steinem called "Women are Never Front-Runners". Steinem makes some great points.

While either Obama or Clinton would represent positive change from the current administration, damn it would be nice to see the glass ceiling shattered.


Jan said...

Enjoy your trip AND the symposium.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yup. Would love a ride. With the wind whipping that silly bun out into wild flowin' hair!

Interesting article. I don't think this country will vote a woman in yet. I'm with you on the glass ceiling. And I applauded greatly for Nancy Pelosi when she got Speaker. Though I disagree with some of her politics, I admire her steadfast work to rightfully get the job.

My candidate would have been Dianne Feinstein. Wish she would run.

Have a really great time!

Barbara B. said...

PG, I have lots of respect for Dianne Feinstein too! (Wonder if she would consider veep...)

Diane said...

great picture! You really know how to do it. And, I've got to stay off the pastor's blogs this week. But, I don't mind doing a little cogitating on Obama and Clinton.

Diane said...

how about the class barrier? (i.e. race and gender) my grandfather used to vote for people because "they grew up poor". Now the rich guy got eight years and the guy who grew up poor (edwards) seems to be stigmatized because he has money NOW.

dust bunny said...

Either Clinton or Obama would HAVE to be an improvement, but I feel sorry for anyone who inherits this mess.

Barbara B. said...

diane, yes -- class barrier is a consideration as well!