Friday, January 4, 2008

Seven Whoppers

I've been tagged by Diane to tell 7 lies about myself. Well, here goes!

1. Deeply inspired as a child by both "Mr. Clean" and "The Man from Glad", I wore only white clothing.

2. In the 70's I worked as a freelance photographer shooting album covers. My most famous was the "Waking and Dreaming" picture for Orleans. However, strangely enough, nobody seemed to want to hire me after this one.

3. I am an avid, "extreme" snowboarder, always willing to try new and exciting jumps. Unfortunately, this one ended in the parking lot. And not well.

4. I primarily went into optometry because writing wasn't working out. I did get one novel published about an attractive bovine detective entitled "Nancy Moo: The Secret in the Old Hayloft", but it was only popular in North Dakota.

5. And speaking of North Dakota... I am a worldclass yodeler. In fact, I have taken the Grand Tonsil Trophy three years straight at the ND Bratwurst and Yodeling Festival in Bismarck, beating out Hilda Huffenflugen (who is pictured below).

6. I have a patent pending for "Pick Up Spaghetti Sticks!" The idea is simple, yet brilliant. You play with the brightly colored pasta, then cook 'em when you are done playing. I'm sure it will catch on.

And finally,
7. With the writer's strike dragging on, network executives are looking to rework old material with fresh faces. As such, I am excited to announce that Presbyterian Gal and I have begun work on "Cagney and Lacey: A New Beginning". I will be playing the role made famous by Tyne Daly and Presbyterian Gal will, of course, reprise the Sharon Gless role. (I'm still working on my New York accent.)

I tag anybody who would like to jump in and shamelessly lie. (How about it, Hot Cup and Purpletologically Speaking?)


"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

What great whoppers...almost believed the snow board one until I looked at the picture. I'll work on mine...may take a bit of time.

mompriest said...

I wanna be in the TV show too - I loved that show, and you two look lovely, I'm sure it will be a great reprisal! I'm laughing, may leave me laughing all night...hee hee hee

Presbyterian Gal said...

BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I will also be laughing all night! In between learning lines and scarfing donuts in practice for the craft service table! (I think we yodel for clues in the first episode)

Jan said...

You are too, too funny! And creative! You need to write a(nother) book! Can't wait for the tv show.

Barbara B. said...

"ps" -- glad you are going to play!

mompriest -- we will be sure you get a guest star appearance :)

presbyterian gal -- yes! we'll yodel for clues in that first episode!

jan -- thanks :)

Diane said...

simply inspired! HAHAHAHAHAHA! boy, I needed that laugh.
great lies!

dust bunny said...

You have a very promising future in politics!

Barbara B. said...

diane -- glad to give you a laugh! :) thanks for tagging me -- this one was really fun.

dust bunny -- politics???

dust bunny said...

You have a very promising future in politics because you manipulate the truth so well! :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

that photo of the "new" cagney & lacey is hilarious! i've been tagged for this...but honestly i'm not sure i'm either (a) that funny or (b) that creative...

we'll see.

Barbara B. said...

dust bunny: oh, got it!

hotcup: you are most definitely both funny and creative!

(and yep, I have entirely too much fun doing goofy stuff with presbyterian gal's picture!)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

ok okay... i played! i played! well i changed it a little... but i played!

Barbara B. said...

hotcup: just popped over to your blog. oooh--interesting twist!! :)

Cecilia said...

Barbara, this is brilliant. I have laughed so hard!

Pax, C.