Sunday, December 7, 2008

short short, big big

Today was the second meeting of the Short Short Book Club, where we have a short discussion of a couple of short stories. My contribution is to write the discussion questions, and I usually throw in related pictures to spice things up a bit.

One of today's stories (A Change in Fashion by Steven Millhauser) dealt with the excesses of the whole fashion scene, and at one point in the story there was a dress as big as a house. Yep, that big! In looking for a picture to go with my questions, I googled "big dress" and here's what came up:

Bride's big day

A bride's dress was so big it got stuck in the church door.

Carly O'Brien's 25 stone dress was 8ft wide and cost £25,000. It took twenty people an hour and a half to push 16-year-old Carly through the church door and up the aisle followed by her 60ft long train.

The 30-layer dress, covered with 3,000 Swarovski crystals, diamond head-dress and train meant dad Frank, 40, had to walk in front as there was no room alongside.

Carly, who spent nine and a half hours getting into the dress, was so exhausted when she got to the altar in Gloucester that the groom, Michael Coffey, 17, and 14 relatives carried her out.

Sister Crystal, 20, said: "Carly wanted her day bigger than Jordan's. She got it."

After seeing this monstrosity, I guess the dress-as-big-as-a-house indeed appears to be the next logical (or illogical) step...


mompriest said...

ok...ignoring the urge to mention the age of the bride and groom....I must say, "WHAT???"


ok. let me also say. "WHAT?"

Barbara B. said...

Yeah, I know... the age certainly caught my eye too! :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

What some girls will do to postpone the wedding night "consomme" to speak. It would be so much easier just to buy another Barbie.


Jennifer said...

that's all.