Tuesday, October 6, 2009

excuses, excuses...

I'm not sure what the deal is, but I've skipped bike commuting this week.

Monday's excuse for not bike commuting:
It just seemed "too dark" in the morning.

Tuesday's excuse for not bike commuting:
It was "too foggy" this morning. (Well, it WAS!)

What will Wednesday's excuse be?
(a) I want to sleep in.
(b) It's so chilly in the morning!
(c) They just put new carpet in my office -- the bike tires would make it dirty.
(d) __________________ Fill in the blank and help me out here!

Or maybe when tomorrow morning rolls around I will actually get on my little bike and pedal to work.

(And yep, that's me up there on my groovy banana bike. I think it was probably taken during the summer of 1967.)


dust bunny said...

The weather looks better this morning, but too bad you don't have your groovy banana bike. I remember the "burn" in my thighs when I rode mine---I bet it would keep you toasty warm on your way to work.

Presbyterian Gal said...

d. My arches have fallen and they can't get up! So I can't pedal.

Rev SS said...

d. really need the car to carry all the stuff I need to stop and get on the way home

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

well... i am like that with setting an alarm in the morning... i have many excuses!

you'll return to the commute... right? and some day i'll roll outta bed before 8 am and the roofers arrive!

Mompriest said...

It's too windy.

I'm tired and deserve a break today.

I'll ride tomorrow.

Good to give the body a rest once in awhile.

I have to run some errands at lunch, best to take the car.

I have to run some errands on the way home, best to take the car.

(I can probably think of more...)


Purple said...

d. The bike said "no"!

David said...

Workin' on a groovy thing.

I would opt for more sleep!

Anonymous said...

The word you are looking for is:


Barbara B. said...

LOL, I have a hunch "anonymous" is my mom...

In any event, I liked all the suggested "d"s -- and I used them all this morning!