Thursday, October 15, 2009

good news / bad news

The Good News
We're going to a concert in Portland next month -- Billy Joel and Elton John together.
The Bad News
The good seats cost waaaay more than we wanted to spend, so we opted for the cheaper seats. Our view will be something like this (only considerably further back):

The Good News
Went to the dentist today -- no cavities.
The Bad News
Chastised for brushing too hard. (Who knew?!)

The Good News
Marble agreed to wear a costume for Halloween.
The Bad News
He selected one I feel is in extremely poor taste.

googled all the pics


Mompriest said...

The concert will still be wonderful...and I had a feeling that wasn't really marble even under the questionable costume...(hee hee)

Sorry about the teeth...ouch.

David said...

hahaha, oh man... I loved the costume. It's in such bad taste it's hilarious!

dust bunny said...

I think it really IS Marble in that costume....and he's planning on taking down a few pesky birds--in particular, the ones giving him grief out on the driveway.

Presbyterian Gal said...


Thanks for the laugh this morning.

The concert will be fun even if Billy and Elton are the size of ants.

And that Marble! At least he's not going as the proprietor of a "cat house"....hee hee.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

the cat is waaaay waaaay to funny... is it bad that i'm laughing so hard?

brushing... gentle is best.

concert... oh you're there to hear 'em not see 'em right???

Rev SS said...

poor marble .. yo' mamma keep exploiting you ... I sorry!

Jennifer said...

I agree with HC; the best concert we "saw" several years back was Peter, Paul and Mary. We had lawn seats-- and hearing them was simply amazing!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

At least he's not wearing the controversial illegal alien costume.

At least you should get to hear the concert ok.