Sunday, October 25, 2009

of conferences and candy

The continuing education conference is over, and it's back to work tomorrow. The classes were pretty good, and this conference always features a big exhibit hall where you can look at the latest high tech equipment, etc. so that's always fun. I also like that they hand out little freebies like artificial tear samples, pens, bags, and the ever-popular candy. (Although I'm not a big candy fan to be honest.)

But (here's the segue) Carole in 1947 was a fan of candy.

Glacier postcard front:

And the back:

Aug 12, 1947
Dear Miss Grub,
We are in Montana and it is raining cats and dogs. We just opened your box of candy. Thank you very much! They are delicious. We are having loads of fun.
Love Carole

Although I do have to question how much of a candy fan Carole was, because she obviously made it all the way from Walnut Creek, California to Glacier Park, Montana without ripping open the box.


Presbyterian Gal said...

It could be that they had so many gifts of candy that it took that long to get to Miss Grub's.

More information is needed in this case.

Barbara B. said...

Ooh, excellent point!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

mmm or she wanted to look trim for her dip in the hot tub with hubby and such before they devoured the candy...

mmm... or she lied and she didn't really eat them or like them and thought her friend Miss Grub was a fattie.

but i'll opt for the hot tub scenario...