Sunday, May 2, 2010

old home movies

One other thing I did while on my "blogbatical" was play around with old home movies from my childhood -- using some of that footage to create new small movies. For example, I found a section which included my cousin and I made him a video birthday card.

Continuing the theme from an earlier post of giving my mom a hard time (!) -- here's a little movie I did saluting her parenting skills. It's especially fitting with Mother's Day right around the corner. Enjoy!


dust bunny said...

Sooo....doing you in started very, very early. Glad you survived your childhood!

Lorette said...

That just cracked me up! It must be a North Dakota thing. We had an ancient rusted out horse drawn combine on the farm, my mom used to send us out to play in it. Not on it, in it. We crawled around inside it for hours. We also parachuted off the chicken coop with shower curtains. She didn't exactly approve of that one, but the attitude was sort of, try it, see what happens.

Barbara B. said...

yep, dust bunny ;)

Haha, that is GREAT, Lorette! (I especially love the idea of parachuting using shower curtains!)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

you were such an adventurer from early on!!!

moms... they're the best huh.

Le-Xandix said...