Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here's a Head Scratcher!

I ran across something interesting on entitled Pastor Tries Inauthenticity. The brief article is about a pastor in Bend, Oregon who gave up trying to be real since "nobody knows himself well enough to be fully authentic, and trying to self-divulge all the time breeds shallow relationships because it denies the complexity and mystery of human personalities."

In defense of his new inauthenticity, the pastor makes the point that Jesus himself "wasn't 'constantly open and frank' and didn't even speak plainly to his disciples until the Last Supper." In addition, "Jesus also spoke in parables and obscured his messianic identity for three years"!

OK, people, let's weigh in! What's your take on this? You go first!

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amg said...

I'm not sure what the pastor meant by "real". Honest? (a good thing) Open?(another good thing) Or "I must share my inner-most thoughts with every person who walks through the door." If that's the case, maybe he SHOULD clamp down a little!! And is it possible Jesus spoke in parables because, maybe, maybe, maybe, he knew pondering the mystery is better than being told the answer?