Friday, January 19, 2007

Of Harry and Heavy Bags

A Georgia mother of four is fighting the presence of Harry Potter books in school libraries and classrooms. She believes the witchcraft found in Harry Potter is "an abomination to God", and "the Lord" wanted her to appeal the state's decision to let the Potter series stay in the schools. (Full story here.)

It's interesting to me that "the Lord" didn't want her to fight poverty. Or homelessness. Or global warming. Hmm.... Well, I guess a children's book of fiction is a much bigger threat to mankind.

I really do try to reign in my feelings of antipathy towards righteous "god-personally-told-me-to-say-and-do-this" people. But it ain't easy. Not only do I find antics like these embarrassing for those of us who are not 'that kind of Christian', but I think this type of crap is why so many people want nothing to do with us.

I've always maintained there's a lot of baggage associated with Christianity. When I read articles like this one, the bags seem a bit heavier.


amg said...

Why IS that??? The world can be going up in smoke and flames, but the BIG issue of the day is whether or not to read a book about friendship, loyalty, and standing up to the bad guys. Some things just make me crazy.

Rodger Sellers said...

Try living amongst some of this! As you stated, it AIN'T easy at times. What was that quote by Einstein: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."