Monday, January 15, 2007

Stumped at the E.R.

Not long after The Portal on Sunday, David dislocated his shoulder (mega-ouch!), so we spent part of the evening at the E.R. After the doctor manipulated the shoulder back in place (mega-ouch, part II), they took him to x-ray. While David was getting his shoulder imaged, a hospital clerical-type worker had some papers for me to sign and asked me some questions. Of course, the questions aren't designed to be real "stumpers", but one had me flummoxed!

Hospital Guy: "What is your religious preference?"
Me: Long pause. "Umm..." Another long pause (with quizzical, searching look on my face).

I wanted to answer, "My religious preference would be for a church that is relevant, authentic, inclusive, and one which embraces mystery and creativity. But there isn't one like that in town, so we are doing a small group."

Instead, I ended up saying, "Umm... Protestant??" (which came out as a question and not an answer).

OK, I'd like to be better prepared next time I'm asked for our religious preference, but for the life of me I can't think of an accurate yet succinct answer. Sigh.

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