Monday, January 8, 2007

Sadly familiar...

Hmm... Might this sort of thinking be one of the problems of mainline churches today? (Notice how I am restraining myself and not singling out any particular congregation or denomination?!)

Sigh. Big sigh.

Got the cartoon from here.


amg said...

Not only must the plant stay put, but we mustn't mess with the flowerpot either......rotten or rootbound, change is BAD!!! like you said....Big Sigh.

The Portal said...

AS Barb mentioned on her New Year's Eve post, we're forging a new way ... and we'll move the plants! They'll like having a different view as much as we do! God has always told people to "go" .. and here we go .. into the future that God is preparing for us ... and preparing us for! As we journey, let's remember to enjoy the views from the road! God bless us one and all ... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Serena