Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Lone Blogger

With Serena's move to Seattle (and her new blog related to that), I'm back to being the "lone blogger" at Views from the Road. What can I say about the last couple of years? We felt called (and worked hard!) to help Longview Pres become a passionate, relevant faith community, but it just didn't happen at LPC. Putting it in the nicest way possible, I guess we (and our small core group) were just on a different page than everyone else there. I know our small core group had hopes that The Portal would then fly, but it looks like that was a case of "good idea, bad timing".

In any event, the journey continues. (It's just looking different than I ever pictured.)

Hi-Ho Silver, Awaaaaaay!


1 comment:

amg said...

We proud of you, keemoosabee..hard work, much effort...different path. Stay strong. Write more.