Thursday, February 15, 2007


While I was in seminary I realized that this generation of pastors were being called to be "transitional pastors" ... all of us "interims" ... to help the church move from its "modern" way of being, to a community that is relevant in the "postmodern" culture that surrounds us. For us Presbyterians that means living into our "slogan" = "reformed and always being reformed by God."

After serving as an interim associate in greater LA area, where I had lived all my adult life, I received a call back to the area of my childhood ... the midwest (which, for me, is a good place to be from). There I served a congregation that grew from 30 to 70 in worship each Sunday morning, that dug in and repaired all the damage of years of deferred maintenance, and, for the most part, welcomed "new" ways of being. (And, I got to see continued growth when I visited a couple of years later)

Then I accepted a call back here on the west coast (the good news), where I served a congregation that was totally resistent to anything "new" ... to looking at "postmodern" culture and how they might be relevant ... even to being an authentic "community" (the bad news), with the exception of my website partner, her family and one other family.

Thus, my retirement from PC(USA), and upcoming move to Seattle, where I plan to get involved with nonprofit agency(s), sharing the journey with underprivileged, marginalized, abused, women and children for their better health, education and welfare, improving their lives and thus the world God has given us for a home.

All this to share one of the reasons I have been silent on this site. It is good for you to also know that I do not enjoy being online nearly as much as my website partner, nor am I as proficient with surfing and downloading pictures, etc. (In fact, I'm not at all proficient ... total beginner) Once I'm moved (March 3) and settled into my new home I will attempt to be more "present" here on the web on my new site: "Serena in Seattle" where I will share my views from the harbor, as my post-presbyterian partner, Barb, continues to share her views from the road on this site.

Meantime, I want you all to know that I am praying for you, and reading your sites here, and on our links. Praising God for all God's faithfulness (knowing church survives only because of that faithfulness ... in spite of all human destructive behavior) ... I send my wishes for God's Shalom.


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