Tuesday, February 13, 2007

a vintage valentine

Definitions of vintage:
(a) representing the high quality of a past time (e.g. vintage cars)
(b) old-fashioned or obsolete (e.g. vintage jokes)

So, which definition do YOU think best describes the above valentine?

(I promised myself I would not draw any analogies with a certain church... even though it is tempting and would be oh-so-easy.)

Happy Valentines Day!


amg said...

Not sure what to say about this posting....I LIKE old/vintage cards, cars, furniture, clothes (although not old shoes..ick),and movies. Guess that doesn't mean I want to be stuck in a backward looking church, tho'!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of what Paul Borden wrote about "shepherd" being a poor metaphor for those who are involved in church ministry unless we recognize (and agree) that the job of the sheep is to: feed, clothe, and support the shepherd (God) - not the other way around. So . . . is the little farmer God? Are we the (hesitate) veal? Could be true that this is actually quite the post-modern card.

Barb Berger said...

Wow--turns out the card could be pomo! Very cool perspective! :)

Serena Sullivan said...

methinks this is yet another "and"!

Rodger Sellers said...

I'm just grinning... figure / ground perception changes... perhaps more a part of our conversation than we might have thought? (Robert Webber may be on to something yet, with his "ancient / future" stuff -- his Wheaton connection notwithstanding!


Barb Berger said...

Ancient/Future indeed! :)
I certainly hadn't anticipated that possibility when I first found the vintage valentine!