Thursday, February 8, 2007

playing with einstein

Jan Edmiston recently did a post on her blog entitled "Everything Must Change". She addressed how the church must change "the way we worship, prepare new members, spend our resources (& especially our time), train seminarians, run middle judicatories." [Umm...whatever middle judicatories are!]

Rodger Sellers sent the nifty Everything Must Change logo you see above. I love how the logo is a visual play on Einstein's E=mc² (where energy = mass x the square of the speed of light in a vacuum).

The famous physics formula proposes that when a body has a mass, there is a large amount of energy associated with that mass. How do you get from mass to energy? You need the conversion factor, c².

Looking at our "church" formula, one might also ask how to get from our mass (or church body) to energy. Appropriately, you need a conversion factor! Of course in our church formula "c" isn't the speed of light; the "c" stands for "change". And I think the change needed is pretty radical. In fact, I think we also need c² (change squared!) Therein lies the problem (change can be painful), yet therein also lies the reward (tremendous energy!)


Serena Sullivan said...

RIGHT ON! (middle judacatories in PC(USA) are the Presbytery and Synod)

Serena Sullivan said...

ps ... this is my favorite of all your posts. I love the connections you make. And Einstein is one of my favorite people. (One the the simplest, most accurate statements he ever made is: definition of insanity: "keep doing same things same ways and expect different results" ... which unfortunately also describes the church, methinks!