Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

I've been working with old family photos and ran across some Easter-related ones. These shots really illustrate the difference between #1 and #2 Offspring growing up. Whereas #1 Offspring would boldy pose with anyone or anything (monkeys, elephants, Santa, Disney characters, etc.), #2 Offspring was always much more reticent.

Pictured upper left: #1 Offspring with the good ol' shopping mall Easter bunny. Pictured below: #2 Offspring not posing with the Easter bunny at preschool. Since he steadfastly refused to go anywhere near the bunny, the teachers finally resorted to taking two separate polaroids and advising us to just go ahead and mentally fuse them. #2 Offspring defends his 'just say no to the rabbit' decision to this day. When looking at the pictures yesterday, he remarked, "Seriously... He looks creepy!" Pause. "Really! Doesn't he look creepy?"

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Serena said...

Sounds like David! I'm not sure "creepy" is the word I'd use ... but I think I get what he means -:)