Saturday, June 9, 2007


Offspring #1 will be taking summer quarter classes in addition to being in the Shakespeare Festival. So Hubby and I are in Bellingham this weekend helping her move out of her dorm room and into her summer apartment (not to be confused with her upcoming fall apartment so we get to do this again later)!

There is a bit of a wrinkle in that the current tenant is still in the apartment. (Offspring #1 is subletting for the summer.) College isn't over yet -- finals are this coming week -- so it's nice the current tenant is letting us invade the space and move stuff in. Next weekend would have been the time to move, but with the June 16th high school graduation of Offspring #2 (and family flying in), it's now or never!

This morning we need to figure out what goes in the apartment (and in what nook or cranny there to put it!), what goes into storage, and what goes home. Plus we need to pick up a couch (purchased from other college students for the whopping sum of $5.00!) College students are very laid back about moving, clutter, etc. Hmm... was I ever that way?

Anyway, I better stop blogging and get moving (in more ways than one).

(BTW, found the cute picture on via google images. Later this morning, I will be playing the part of the polar bear, and hubby will be the penguin.)


Diane said...

You find the cutest pictures!!! Boy, does moving bring back (bad) memories. I've done it enough. Tho, on the upside, it forces one to de-accumulate a little. Wishing strong muscles to you both!

Serena said...

yep, cute picture! be careful not to hurt yourselved today.

Serena said...

oops.. typo alert .. don't hurt yourselves

Diane said...

You'll find mouth-watering food here

Barbara B. said...

COOL! Thanks for the link!