Monday, May 26, 2008

The "Oddly Familiar" Meme

Both Jan and Ruth tagged me for this meme, so I guess I better put on my thinking cap and finally get to it!

blah blah blah, I'm not posting them! :)

Ten years ago:
Hubby and I were working at the same clinic we're both at today (we know how to hang in there!) Offsprings #1 & 2 were ages 11 and 9 respectively. As it was nearing the end of May, I'm sure we were planning a summer vacation. (Hubby the historian would remember where we went 10 years ago, but he is taking a nap right now so it will have to remain a mystery.)

Five things on today's "to do" list:
Since the day is winding down, I'll make this about tomorrow.
* Meet Dust Bunny for toast and coffee at the Red Rooster Bakery before work
* Go to work; check many eyeballs
* Go on a bike ride after work
* Throw together some sort of dinner with whatever I find in the refrigerator
* Water the garden after dinner (unless it has rained, then I will simply admire the garden)

Things I'd do if I was a billionaire:
* Open a Dairy Queen in Artas, South Dakota because it would perk up the few residents who live there.
* Make generous donations to live theatre and live music programs because that would perk up Offsprings #1 and #2.
* Give Rev SS a really, really nice gift, even though she didn't give me one when she was a billionaire.
* Get help to figure out the best way to make a difference in the world with that kind of money (because obviously I'd need help if I'm opening DQ's in towns of 13 people.)

Three bad habits:
* Trying to please all of the people all of the time
* Buying too many books instead of using the library
* Letting the mail stack up on the kitchen counter (and unopened if it looks boring)

Five places I've lived:
Bad Kreuznach, Germany (for 6 weeks!)
Ashley, North Dakota
Helena, Montana
Forest Grove, Oregon
Loveland, Colorado

Five jobs I've had:
* Clerk at our family drug store (however, this was more play than work)
* Directory Assistance Operator (summer job during college)
* State of Montana Water Quality Lab technician (another summer job during college)
* State of Montana "Hydrologic Engineer" (yet another summer job during college)
* Optometrist

People I'm tagging:
YOU if you haven't played yet!


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

DQs in africa... my my you are ever the entreprenuer and i'm ever the bad speller! agh... bed time, to tired to spell correctly.

and i do think your daughter could have her own theater no? PG could manage it all when of course the 2 of you aren't busy in your broadway production of... rats! what's the name of your broadway show???

Barbara B. said...

hot cup, umm...yeah, that was a DQ in Artas, SD but I might as well open one in Africa while I'm at it! :) My daughter will thank you for the idea of her own theater. And I think the first Broadway show PG and I will work on should be "Thelma and Louise: The Musical!"

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yes! We can drive the car off the edge of the stage! Inspired by Tchaikovsky's cannon ball.

I love the DQ in Artas. Could it have wifi so the residents could blog while enjoying their banana splits?

And I had no idea there was such a job as "hydrologic engineer".

Very cool list!

dust bunny said...

Toast and coffee with Dust Bunny....excellent way to start your day! :)

Great play!

Diane said...

how about Vienna South Dakota too? They'd love you there. it would be the only game in town :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good Meme. I love bad habit #3. We have a hall table that suffers the same fate.

Jan said...

Hey, so glad you did this! Never thought of putting a DQ someplace. But it would cheer people up. I think it's funny that you'd give Serena something when she ignored you. . . .you're good friends all right. I liked reading your bad habits--I'm with you about books! Amazon online makes it too easy to buy.

Rev SS said...

NOW WAIT A MINUTE ... I DID TOO GIVE YOU A VERY NICE GIFT!! You and Jan both need to reread my mime! -:)

Barbara B. said...

PG -- Yes! Driving the car off the edge of the stage! Brilliant!

Rev SS -- Hmm, I still think I got the short end of the stick on your "gift". :) Nevertheless, I will get you a very, very nice gift indeed. :)

mompriest said...

Oh, you are funny! I was thinking of you last week while having my eye exam and getting new glasses. I was thinking, I wish I could go to Barbara...although I like my new eye doc just fine....

Barbara B. said...

mompriest, yep, too bad you aren't closer!

Presbyterian Gal said...

...and I tagged you for another one!!!

Just 'cause.