Sunday, November 1, 2009

what I've been up to...

I'm glad we got an extra hour today, because the time has been whizzing by. (Actually I could use a few extra hours -- wonder how I could arrange for that.)

We were in Bellingham to see WWU's production of The Mistakes Madeline Made, described on the Western Theatre site as: a story of love and dirty people. The play follows a girl who toils away in a soul-crushing job as a personal assistant as she begins to battle all things clean after developing ablutophobia – the fear of bathing. Soon her smell starts to overwhelm her co-workers and her many casual lovers. A fantastic story about finding one’s self, the play raises the questions: Is it a political act to live dirty? And is it even feasible to live clean in our current times of unrest?

I knew very little about the play going in, and I was surprised at both how funny and how sad it was. Directed by Rich Brown, the play was simply outstanding. The set, the sound, the costumes, the acting -- all top notch. They could (they should!) take this on the road.

Christina played Beth, the tightly-strung manager of the office whose function is to run errands for a rich family (who are never seen). The character of Beth provides a lot of the comedy in the play (and Christina has a real knack for comedy), yet the character also evokes pathos (and Christina has a real knack for that too).

Here's Christina as Beth: (I *ahem* "borrowed" this picture from her facebook page)

Then last night (back home in Longview) we actually went to a Halloween party -- in costume no less! And (speaking of time whizzing by) today is the 29th anniversary for Mike and me. Here's a weird part -- lots of the anniversary cards are looking familiar since we've given so many to each other over the years!


dust bunny said...

Great weekend! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Jan said...

I always love hearing about you going up to Bellingham. Happy Anniversary!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Heard about the play from Caitlin! What fun.

and Happy Anniversary.

Maybe you should exchange old postcards now!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what a talented girl you have! i knew you guys would be dressed up for halloween... just knew it!

and regarding lifestyle choices... i'm surprised some folks really do live in filth. wall to wall grossness... sometimes i've done home visits and then had to detail my car, and throw all my clothes immediately into the wash... and hit a long HOT shower... ick!

Rev SS said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to another 29 years!