Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm thinkin' mismatch...

Some things just seem to go together. For example:
* movies and hot, buttery popcorn (yum!)
* a backyard hammock and reading/napping on a summer day (ahhh!)

Two items in the news today point out (at least to me) that some things really don't belong together:

Item #1 Hooters in the Holy Land. (Yeah, that should go a long ways towards building more respect abroad for the U.S. culture.)

Item #2 Ginormous skywalk and viewing platform in the Grand Canyon. (Improving on nature, are we?)



amg said...

Nothin' but contempt for Hooters in the Holy Land, but I'm not totally horrified by the skywalk. Is it any more intrusive than Mount Rushmore? Unfortunately, the skywalk will bring the usual clutter of gift shops, fast food joints, and gas stations....now THOSE make for a major mismatch.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hey Barb!
Nice blog!

Hooters in the Holyland - them gals better be servin kosher dogs now!

Ginormous skywalk and viewing platform: "Mom, where should I throw my empty soda can?"

Great pictures for oxymoronic real life news!

Barb Berger said...

presbyterian gal,