Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pleasantville and the Emergent Church

Saw a picture of Don Knotts the other day, which reminded me of his role in Pleasantville, which reminded me of the emergent conversation... Yeah, that's how my brain works.

Probably you've all seen Pleasantville, that '98 movie about 2 teens (played by Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon) who are transported via a mysterious tv remote to a black and white 1950's sitcom. On the surface, life looks idyllic in Pleasantville, yet when examined more closely it just seems darn monotonous! When "Bud" and "Mary Sue" (Maguire and Witherspoon) begin to influence the people with whom they interact, attitudes and behaviors begin to change, which is represented symbolically by objects and people turning into color.

The town becomes very divided in its attitude towards change, and those in color are initially feared and shunned by those in black and white. As the movie progresses, change is shown as something to be embraced, not feared, as it opens people up to creative possibilites and richer lives.

I've seen an obvious parallel with the emergent conversation for some time... And those of us "in color" know it ain't easy being green (or whatever color), but returning to black and white just isn't an option!


Rodger Sellers said...

A metaphor I use all the time. Perhaps I even overuse it, but I find I'm talking about how we "can't go back to Pleasantville or to Leave it to Beaver, even it we wanted to."

It's the "want to" part that gets me -- seems there are quite a few folks who really do wish we could go back to 1956!

Barb Berger said...

I think it is like "comfort food" or something...

amg said...

Actually, I'm impressed with your ability to see spiritual connections in so many different places! Maybe that comes from 'living in the spirit' rather than just coasting in the clouds. :)