Friday, March 30, 2007

you won't find this next to the chocolate bunnies yet...

Just ran across this MSN report on a controversial chocolate sculpture entitled "My Sweet Lord". At first I thought I'd just ignore it, then decided, "No, I'll bite." (pun intended)

Cavallaro, an artist known for working with food to create art, sculpted an anatomically correct Jesus using over 200 pounds of milk chocolate. Not surprisingly, the work created controversy (wasn't that the point?!) and sparked an outcry from Christian groups which led to the cancellation of the exhibit.

As of the writing of this post, 47% of those taking an MSN poll found the sculpture offensive, while 47% did not. (6% of folks were undecided.) Wow! Talk about an even split! Because I have a rather offbeat sense of humor, I'm more apt to find the sculpture mildly amusing (especially the name!) than offensive. Of course, I can certainly understand and respect those who do find it offensive. Personally, I'd mostly consider it offensive if I learned that the milk chocolate was hollow -- because that symbolism would be just plain wrong.