Saturday, July 19, 2008

it's been a busy few days

Thursday after work I scooted up to Bellingham. It was a quick trip, and I was back by 2:00 today to attend a wedding shower. In addition to enjoying some meals with Offsprings #1&2, I was able to attend a dress rehearsal of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Offspring #1 plays Hermia in an outdoor Shakespeare production. Here she is with Lysander:

I also got to meet the delightful Mr. Tumnus, Offspring #1's new kitty. I fell in love with Mr. Tumnus. In fact, only a Barry White song can capture the essence of my time with Tumnus:


David said...

Haha, perfect music! Nobody does it like ol' Barry.

That one of him standing up turned out really well, very cool, and very cute!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a sweetie.

offspring #1 said...

Tumnus is irritated that I am commenting on your blog rather than playing with him, and he is currently chewing on my hair. That said, we both enjoyed the slideshow :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

What a perfectly marvelous hat Offspring #1 is wearing!

And Mr. Tumnus....what a cutie patootie pie!

Songbird said...

Cute, cute, cute. And I love the theatrical picture! #1 Son once played Demetrius, in a circus version of the play that found him as a knife-thrower in a pair of pleather pants, ugh!

Laura said...

Barry White should be nominated to something...he's the best! If I weren't so terribly allergic I'd get me one of these little critters!

Barbara B. said...

david & laura: Yep, there's something about Barry White that just makes me smile!

songbird: Wow, pleather pants! :) Some of the Shakespeare settings are quite creative and interesting!

Processing Counselor said...

Ahhhhh..... And the cat is cute, too!

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