Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Five: Cabin Fever

Singing Owl Writes:
Here in snow country we are settled in to what is a very long stretch of potentially boring days. The holidays are over. It is a very long time till we will get outside on a regular basis. The snow that seemed so beautiful at first is now dirty and the snow banks are piling up. Our vehicles are all the same shade of brownish grey, but if we go to the car wash our doors will freeze shut. People get grumpy. Of course, not everyone lives in a cold climate, but even in warmer places the days till springtime can get long. Help! Please give us five suggestions for combating cabin fever and staying cheerful in our monochromatic world.

1. Go play outside! Depending on where you live, bundle up and go snowshoeing or grab the rain gear and go for a hike.

2. Hop Amtrak to the nearest fun place (in my case Portland). If your cabin fever is reaaalllly bad, while on the train you can act out a 'train scene' from an old movie. For example, go to the dining car and sing "Snow" from White Christmas:

3. One word: Netflix! (And of course this can help you find potential 'train scenes' for #2.)

4. Another word: PROJECT! Dive into a project such as genealogy or creating a photo book on Blurb.

5. If all else fails, throw a Cabin Fever party. If you do have such a party, having the group sing this song is mandatory:


offspring #1 said...

I like the German portion of the song :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

I cannot believe that we posted the same song from White Christmas!!

And that muppet song is the best! My fave was Carmen Mup-anda!

Gonna hum that song all day now.

......"even though we're all here, we are not all there..."

Barbara B. said...

offspring #1: haha, yes, I sing the loudest during that part!

PG: Wow, our great minds are thinking more and more alike all the time! (Scary...) :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

okay so as the predicted inches of white stuff falls outside my window... i just wanna slap bing, danny, rosemary and the other chic silly! *hrmp!*

Purple said...

Thanks for the "blurb"...will check it out.

mompriest said...

what fun ideas....of course where I live I'm not sure where the nearest Amtrak station is....sigh.

Muthah+ said...

Thanks for the Muppets

Young Seeker said...

I honestly LOVE the Muppets!!! Thank you for posting this video, toooo awesome!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Here's been my cabin fever exercise: I've been contemplating the psychology of walking outside and thinking that 30 degrees feels balmy and soft on my cheeks. I think I need professional help.

And I think it is very funny that you and PG posted the same clip.

Singing Owl said...

LOL at the muppets video! Thanks!

RevAnne said...

Ben likes to sing the "Snow" song as wishful thinking. Love the videos, too!