Saturday, January 24, 2009


We saw Frost/Nixon last night, and it was goooooood. In fact, it's up for 5 Oscars including one for best picture and one for director Opie Taylor, er, Ron Howard. (He'll always be Opie for me.)

The film has been called a 'thinking person's Rocky' because it's like an intellectual boxing match between two vastly different men -- an ambitious TV personality and the disgraced politician. Michael Sheen's Frost plays a good underdog, floundering in the early going. Frank Langella is convincing as Nixon, and he portrays him as a complex, tragic figure.

This is not to say that Nixon is let off the hook, but he is given some humanity and we gain insight into the motivations for his political actions.

Here's the trailer:

(I think there are lots of really good movies out right now. Bring on the popcorn!)


mompriest said...

so many little time...

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dang. I have to wait for Netflix for all these movies. I am chained to my house! Well not literally. Well, sort of literally.

....chuckled at "Can I be 'deep crack'?" Great line.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

We weren't going to see this (I have mixed feelings about Opie as a director), but it's been getting really good reviews, including yours. Alas, I have no movie-going time at the present. Maybe I can catch a flick on President's Day.