Monday, January 19, 2009

there's cool and then there's not so cool

Yep, gotta admit this is Cool:

Obama Steps to Door of White House--and History (Seattle Times article and picture)

Obviously Obama faces some daunting challenges, but I think he's up to them. And I like the symbolism of Obama being sworn in using the Lincoln Bible.

Of course I simply must comment on something that is Not So Cool

Jill Biden said on Oprah Monday that her husband had his pick between the vice presidency or the Secretary of State nomination that eventually went to Hillary Clinton, a slip that Joe Biden tried to shush. Full story here. According to the article, "Clinton's spokesman declined to comment about the suggestion that she was the second choice."

Good response, Hillary.

There were pages of reader comments over at the Huffington Post on this topic. Here's my favorite:
"Thank God Joe isn't Secretary of State. These people can't keep their mouths shut."

Anyway, Biden will be fine as VP and Hillary will be great as Secretary of State. I say let's move on and get to the business of the country.


Processing Counselor said...

Thanks for this post, Barb.

mompriest said...

I never ever watch Oprah....but I saw some clips of that didn't really bother me (well, except that Jill needs a few lessons in appropriate public speaking...)- I know that level of politicking goes on and I had my suspicions, when Hillary wasn't made the VP that she would be the Secretary of State...which I think is a better position anyway.

dust bunny said...

Being in the public eye allows for an infinite number of ways to screw up. move on, country, move on. (good post)

Presbyterian Gal said...

I believe I must be the dimmest person in America. I do not understand what the big hullabaloo is over this Jill Biden business. Jostling for and leap-frogging positions after an election is how America has been run since Tommy Jefferson started inventing the rules. That's the way I look at it. S'never bothered me.

Anyway, I'm with you. Hillary will actually be a far better Secretary of State than she would have been President (which is saying a LOT) and Joe B. is best as VP.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

did the kitties have an innuagural party of their own this evening? shredded toilet paper... kittie treats... red, white, and blue balls of yarn... that sort of thing?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Now we know why Jill isn't the politician in the family.

And the press is desperate for controversy.

Barbara B. said...

Thanks for weighing in, everybody.

And Hot Cup, don't give the kitties any ideas.

Jennifer said...