Thursday, July 23, 2009

picture for purple

I rode my bike down to the lake after dinner. They were having one of the "Summer Concerts at the Lake" and the weather was darn near perfect for it. Tonight's entertainment was The Beatniks, a group out of Seattle. They were really good -- did mostly 60's and 70's music.

Anywhoooooo... on my way home I noticed these flowers and thought of Purple!


Purple said...

ooohhhh...aaahhhh.....oohhh...aaaah....thank you so much Barbara.
Gorgeous flowers.

Barbara B. said...

you're welcome! :)
They were better 'in person' -- there was a low sun angle the camera didn't capture. (Or I didn't capture!)

Presbyterian Gal said...

I've always admired those flowers! And purple is a favorite color in our house.

dust bunny said...

Trying hard to figure out where those flowers might be along your bike luck. Still very pretty. :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...