Monday, September 14, 2009

because it's time for a postcard...

Oops, looks like I've been neglecting the postcard posts, so I'll fix that by sharing one from my "road" collection. This card is postmarked July 20, 1909 and shows the bustling intersection of Strong Avenue and Spear Street in Argentine, Kansas.

Theo is relaying some news to Miss Bessie Gunn in Okarchie, Oklahoma:

Art had a fire this morning about five o'clock. They think it started in the matches back of the bread case. account of it in paper. Not so very bad. But will be closed a week or so.

I think Art could have kept his business open and just sold the bread as toast. *rim shot*


dust bunny said... crack me up. :) (at this early hour, I couldn't decide if I should type "crackers" or "quackers". Since neither one sounds the least bit funny, maybe I should just go back to bed.)
Glad you're back to posting postcards!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ah hahahahahaha.

Good one.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

hee hee...

doesn't look like argentine has alot goin' on... that fire of '09 musta been talk o' the town for quite some time!

Diane said...

well, I was wondering when you'd get back to that.


Mompriest said...

too funny.

David said...

Your joke - not so very bad!

Rev SS said...

*tee hee*

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