Thursday, September 10, 2009

the morning paper

It's been great having C&D (Offsprings #1&2) home from college, but *sniff sniff* they head back on Saturday. And that means Mr. Tumnus heads back too. I'm going to miss that li'l kitty.

Right now Mr. Tumnus and I are in the back yard. I have been reading the morning paper and Mr. Tumnus has been hunting crane flies. (He's darn good at it, I might add.)

Today's paper has some good 'human interest' stories. One article is about a globe-trotting left-handed fly fisher from Oregon. She just turned 100 years old and still loves to go out fishing. The best part: she continues to use the same rod she used in 1959. (I still use the same snow skis I used in college so I can sorta relate.)

Another story is about a 99-year-old Oregon woman who won a prize in a weekly drawing at her neighborhood Bi-Mart store -- an air rifle! For some reason (probably the mental image) this tickled my funny bone. Unlike the woman in the first story, this woman isn't an outdoor enthusiast. And, she can't even bring the prize into her retirement center because they don't allow weapons. The store doesn't usually exchange prizes, but they might make an exception.

The headline that did NOT tickle my funny bone is this: Washington Colleges Lead U.S. in Swine Flu Cases. Yep, our state "easily leads the nation in the incidence of swine flu among college students" -- nearly triple the rate of the next highest state, Georgia. And no vaccine yet. Dang. Think we better pack some hand sanitizer...


Presbyterian Gal said...

Hand sanitizer and lots of long sleeves!

When you and I are 99 let's go skeet shooting!

Rev SS said...

and "wash those hands" often, with soap and hot water!

I think I'd like it if you'd go parasailing with me when I'm 99! PG can come too, if she wants. (But I don't want to go skeet shooting)

Barbara B. said...

The 3 of us should definitely do something rowdy together when we are 99ish.