Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday drive

This morning my mom and I were faced with a multiple choice question:
Should we:
(a) Go to church
(b) Clean our respective houses
(c) Read the newspaper while enjoying a cup of coffee
(d) Head out on a road trip

We opted for (d) as the beautiful weather ruled out (a), (b), and (c).

We did a loop on country roads passing through small towns (some of which we had never visited before). My camera behaved better today. I decided if it is incredibly bright and sunny outside AND the object being photographed in no way moves, the camera can handle the job.

Anyway, here's one of the views from the road (ooh, ooh, my blog name!). (That's Mt St Helens off in the distance -- the sky was a bit hazy).

The little town of Vader decorates their jail with flowers:

(Actually I don't think it is really a jail anymore.)

Here's the river in Pe Ell, Washington. We heard Doc Severinsen in concert in Seattle and he said he grew up in Pe Ell, but he might have been pulling our collective leg.

And here's my mom outside the restaurant where we had lunch:

Yep, it was a nice day. I'm glad we opted for choice (d).


dust bunny said...

Would have been better if Dusty Bunny had gone along......just sayin'. (but I'm still glad you had a good road trip)8

Presbyterian Gal said...

You made the right choice.

Great pics! As usual.

Jennifer said...

Yay for good times with your mamma!

David said...

Looks like a great day, wish I could have come along!

zorra said...

Just reading this post and looking at your pictures made me feel more relaxed! What a lovely day.

Christina said...

The name of that restaurant means "The Boyfriend." Did you and grandma pick up some gentleman callers?

Diane said...

I LOVE your pictures from this post and the one before. a road trip can be a very spiritual experience. especially if you sing in the car :)

Rev SS said...

love the views fromt the road ... and think you made the right choice (but sure would love to know where you would have gone if you had picked choice (a) -:)

Mompriest said...

Well, for the foreseeable future I too will be opting for b, c, or d....depending on whether my husband is home, or not....

Barbara B. said...

Thanks, everyone, for the comments!

DB, Sounds like you had other plans anyway!

Christina, Grandma was on the lookout, but no gentlemen callers! :) (OK she wasn't really on the lookout.)

RevSS, It was easy to NOT choose (a) since the options here are limited to say the least.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

ooh can i come next time?

oh drats i think i have to work!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

How sick is this. I just finished a two-week job writing questions for a state assessment (the kind kids have to take to graduate), and when I first saw this post, I immediately started noticing all the ways your multiple choice question would have to be revised to meet proper testing standards.

On a less anal (and less annoying) note, I'm glad you took the drive.