Wednesday, January 27, 2010

birthday multiple choice quiz

It's Christina's birthday!

How do you suppose Christina is feeling about that?

a. Happy! Bring on the cake!

b. Another birthday? Scary!

c. Birthdays?! Pfffft!

Happy Birthday, Christina!

Sing along here...


Purple said...

You have the greatest photos. Happy Birthday Christina.

dust bunny said...

Hippo birdie to ewe!
Hippo birdie to ewe!
Hippo birdie to Christinaaaaaaa!
Hippo birdie to ewe!!!!!!!
love ya,
marie (the best kindergarten teacher you ever had)

Mompriest said...

awww, daughters are so special! Happy Birth day to both mom and daughter.

Rev SS said...

Yes ... happy birth day to both of you!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I choose a.

What did I win?

Happy Birthday Christina!!! May you have a most special day!

Christina said...

Thank you mom :) And thank you all for the birthday wishes!