Wednesday, January 20, 2010


OK, here's one more postcard from the SS lunch meeting. This one was sent on September 30, 1974 from Charles and Kathy who were visiting Great Falls, Montana to Emma in Olympia, Washington. I think either Charles or Kathy (or both) must have a serious sweet tooth. How else does one explain what was written?

Dear Emma,
We're enjoying this part of Montana & today visited the Charlie Russel art gallery & studio here in Great Falls -- our objective. Was just great & worth our time & trip. We are fine, the car, trailer & sugar all in good working order. Cold but crisp & sunny days -- a skiff of snow during last nite. Beautiful country over Rockies. Hope all's well with you & Duke. Imagine your excited about your company now. Thinking of you with love. Charles & Kathy

I'm glad their sugar was in good working order. I know the sugar I had in my molasses cookie tonight was certainly in good working order as well -- and that's always a good thing.


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Presbyterian Gal said...

There's a mystery. I wonder if there's a type of trailer hitch called a "sugar"?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when your grandfather, Johnny, got upset he would not use profanity but instead would utter "Oh sugar"--maybe you heard him say that at one time.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

maybe "sugar" is uhm *ahem* you know... sugar-sugar, as in their love-life is in good working order... the romance rekindled type of thing?!

those two crazy love birds!