Sunday, January 10, 2010

what to do, what to do...

I posted "facebook theology" last night (regarding a facebook conversation which raised some interesting theo issues), but I'm removing it this morning while I ponder the ethics of putting a facebook conversation on blogger.

On the one hand, it's already on the internet (and last names would not be used here).

On the other hand, I don't know if that's a kosher thing to do.


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Presbyterian Gal said...

If it's robbing you of peace, don't do it.

I read the post. The kids are way back on the path starting to process their stuff. We just get to see it more publicly now cause of FB. Personally I'm heartened that they're engaging over this as a subject and not worrying about leaving their drug stash unattended.

dust bunny said...

I read it and was pondering a comment (some of us are such sloooooooooow ponderers.) As for whether it's ethical to put a facebook conversation on blogger~~if it's on the internet--it's out there for all 57,000 of one's closets "friends". And shouldn't people be accountable for their words?

dust bunny said...

even the misssssspellled ones.

David said...

If it's in the public domain, it's ethical. If it's a private conversation (google chat, Yahoo instant messenger, emails back and forth) it's not.

This situation is a grey area because it's not either. It's not a private conversation because all the person's friends on facebook can see it, but it's not public because not everyone that logs in to facebook can see it.

Therefore, as a compromise, if it was me, I would post the entire conversation, but would omit the names of the people who could not give his/her express consent. You could call them "person 1" "person 2"

Christina said...

I think you should use their first names, last names, and big pictures of them that have words that describe them stamped to their foreheads. I would give you examples of some choice words, but it might not be appropriate. However, I may be speaking out of the fact that after I made my point and exited the conversation, they both persisted to personally attack me. And then after I deleted the guy as a friend, he sent me a personal message to which I couldn't even respond because he "blocked" me.

dust bunny said...

Christina......hmmmmm....and this guy is a "christian"????? oh, dear. But I'm proud of you and David for standing up to him (and his friend). You did it in an intelligent, civilized manner. Too bad they didn't respond in kind.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Christina -

Don't let the yahoo bother you. That kind of behavior indicates troll like cowardice. Then again, they may have lots of sad reasons for being that way, but then again...maybe not.

Abusive behavior is turning strange on the internet.

Didn't mean to skirt the direct ethics issues. As long as there are no last names and folks reading here will not tie into who it is and deny them gainful employment, medical care or the right to pursue happiness, it's not a problem.