Monday, May 21, 2007

Got Tubwater?

"Is there anything more refreshing than shower stall water? I think not."
--Marble the Cat


Serena said...

Oh Marble, you really must try drinking straight from the faucet. (Check me out on my mom's blog ... that's "Serena in Seattle"

marie said...

Showers and faucets are fine, but nothing beats a long, cool drink from an outdoor "water feature" (aka puddle on the sidewalk). Unfortunately, since I'm somewhat camera shy, no picture is avaliable.

Diane said...

No, shower stall water is the best. Also, licking the shower curtain. (from "Kiki" the cat RIP)

Serena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serena said...

oops ... that was me (Christopher) who deleted the comment, cause I forgot to sign my name. (I'm new to this blogging thing)

Anyway what I said was: To each his own! The comments from Muffy and Kiki are more confirmation of the diversity of God's creation ... and, I forgot to link to my picture last night. So here it is