Wednesday, May 23, 2007

idol thoughts

Ah, a new American Idol was crowned tonight. I think Jordin will go far. But let's face it, the sixth season of Idol would have been Dullsville without the high entertainment value of Sanjaya!

This picture of Sanjaya with Offspring #2 was taken in Seattle during the recent high school band trip. (No faux-hawk, but a great picture nonetheless.)


Diane said...

Wow! Hot off the presses. And to think that we were at a New member dinner instead. What was I thinking?

I'm also impressed at how "connected" your son is. Keep up the good work!

Serena said...

You are a stitch! I think you should post the picture of David with Chuck Mangione next!!!

Barbara B. said...

Although the Chuck Mangione picture was a photoshop fake... and this is the real deal!! (Sanjaya happened to be at the same area where the band was performing.)