Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cars say the darndest things

In March I posted some thoughts about bumper stickers, including how they try to reduce complex concepts down to a few words that can be absorbed during the limited time spent at a stop light.

As I was driving home on Sunday from Lacey (where I dropped off #1 Offspring so she could catch her ride back up to college), I noticed a car where the driver obviously felt traditional bumper stickers were far too limiting. Since my camera was right next to me, I couldn't resist holding it up at the approximate angle and taking a shot. Because my eyes were on the road (yes, I'm telling the truth!), I had no idea if I got any kind of a picture. But when I got home I found that, low and behold, I had indeed captured this billboard on wheels!

So what was the message the driver felt so strongly about that he or she went to some obvious trouble and expense to post it on the vehicle? Here ya go:

Hmmm... now I'm confused. I thought Jesus had a little higher opinion of the whole faith thing. Didn't he say stuff like "Your faith has healed you" and "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.'" ?

OK you pastors out there (and you know who you are)...I realize we've been "dechurched" for a bit, but is there some reaallly new teaching I've been missing?!


Diane said...

I can't quite figure this guy out. I'll have to read this bumper sticker again. Actually, I'm not sure that "bumper sticker" really does his message justice.

Maybe he thinks if you have faith in the wrong thing??? He used a lot of words but he is still cryptic

Diane said...

oh, it looks like he has something in the back window of his car, too

Barbara B. said...

Yeah, the back window says "Repent of all faith and live" !!

Serena said...

Well, I'm just guessing ... but my guess is that if you substituted the words "organized (right wing, especially) religion" for "faith" you'd be closer to his meaning. But, it's only a guess. I can't read his mind.