Tuesday, May 15, 2007

wise guy, eh?

On Tuesdays, I only work in the morning. This might have been for the best today, since it was apparently "wise guy" day.

Here are two examples:
Me: "Which is the clearest, lens one or lens two?"
Patient #1: "Umm... one and a half!"

Me: "So use these antibiotic drops four times a day for one week. Do you have any questions?"
Patient #2: "Yeah, I have a question! What's your favorite color?"

I could almost hear a drum rim shot!
(But actually, truth be told, I sort of like wise guys! They do keep life interesting.)


marie said...

"But doc....I can read the very bottom line--and I only have to squint a little!!!"...ok...not a wise guy line. More like a "make the doc's bp spike" line.

Diane said...

Hey -- you would like my dad... the original wise guy (he met my roommate's mother in college and said, "you must be quite a ball player". she said, "why?" "look at that run." --referring to her nylons. I almost died.)

have a nice day!

Barbara B. said...

:) cute